Ready To Get Serious With Your Fat Loss?
If you want to lose that stubborn fat and turbo charge your self confidence, put your contact details below and I'll get you all the details.

Whats included?
  • Private 1-1 weekly video check-ins
    To provide access to me and my coaching expertise.
  • Any time support via WhatsApp -
    So that you feel backed up at all times.
  • Access to my exclusive coaching app -
    which boasts thousands of exercise execution videos to help you if you’re ever unsure. 
  • Workouts written for you
    specific to your ability level, the equipment you have access to and your chosen training environment.
  • Custom Calories & Macros - 
    So you know exactly what you should be eating to drive MASSIVE changes in your physique!
  • Free copy of The Muscle Mindset Coach High Performance Recipe Books - 
    Updated every month, you will receive a copy of my recipe books which has been carefully designed to keep you on track and give you some fresh inspiration in the kitchen! Better yet, each recipe has it's own barcode to scan straight to MyFitnessPal.
  • Exercise execution development coaching - 
    Delivered via video, so that you can hone your skills on each movement.
  • Supplementation Coaching - 
    We will construct a supplementation strategy to help you towards your goals & stop you wasting money on the ones you don’t need!
  • Ongoing Mindset Coaching - 
    We will continually refine a strategy to develop and maintain a stronger mindset and build unstoppable mental resilience.
  • The Muscle Mindset Coach Client Quick Start Guide -
    Your guide to getting set up in 10 minutes or less. So that you can hit the ground running as quickly as possible 
  • Custom Training Log Book - 
    FREE and delivered to you. So you can monitor your progress on paper too!
  • Free Copy of my Muscle Building Book "Muscle Warfare"
  • Free Copy of the "Muscle Warfare Supplement Guides" 
  • 100% Money Back Guaruntee - 
    I'm that confident I will get your results, that If you don't feel like you're getting what you deserve, I'll refund you.

3 Huge Reasons This Is The Programme For You!
Become Accountable
One of the most influential factors that governs how likely you are to succeed is accountability. By joining the programme, you have me in your corner, guiding you to your goals, every step of the way!
in Depth Data Tracking
A lot of online coaching programmes give you the bare minimum and leave you to it. Not this one! Together, we will work on every aspect of your health and fitness to build the best version of you the world has ever seen!
Proven Record
Follow a programme with a proven record of producing results.
Check out some examples of my previous clients successes below!

Who Am I?
Hi, I'm Matt. 

I run an international online coaching programme that specialised in helping people just like you lose fat, get stronger  and build unstoppable confidence in every day life.

I know where you’re at right now, I understand your frustrations, I’ve been there.

My coaching methodologies are the result of more than a decade of rigorously training both myself and my clients towards all kinds of body composition & fitness goals.

 I developed them so that you don’t have to waste time making the same mistakes that I did or spend the same amount of time that I did figuring it all out for myself!

In my online coaching programme, we will delve into the specifics that you need in order to finally lose the weight you've always wanted to!

Not only that but we will also work together to teach you more than just the basics of fat loss and muscle building so that you understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and HOW to put it all into place.

Previous Client Success Stories

I have a busy job, is this the right programme for me?
Yes, every plan is written specifically for the client and is tailored to suit your lifestyle and commitments. Before I started coaching, I worked in a high pressure consulting engineering job whilst managing my own physique, because of this, I can help you implement the very same strategies to stay on top of your goals even when you’re at work!
I'm a parent, I don't have much spare time, can this programme still work?
Absolutely! I myself am a parent, so I completely understand the strain it puts on your time and how hard it can be to manage your Nutrition when you have kids! 
I need to lose weight, is this the right programme for me?
Yes absolutely, I specialise in helping people just like you lose weight whilst building confidence to push your results to the next level!
I want to build muscle, is this the right programme for me?
100% I can! Don’t worry, I get it, I was once the skinny dude who dreamt of being bigger. Not only do I understand what it feels like, but I have to tools to drive incredible results whilst preventing you making the same mistakes I did along the way!
I've tried online coaching before, why is this different?
My internationally renowned online coaching programme is different. Its different because at The Muscle Mindset Coach, we consider total health and take a "Health First" approach  by tracking far more data the your average online coaching"off the shelf solution"
I'm new to training, is this programme suitable for me?
Yes absolutely! Every clients programme is individual, specific to your ability level, the equipment you have access to and your chosen training environment. No one is 'too new' to training to benefit from the programme!

I don't live in the UK, can I still join?
Yes! No matter where you are in the world, I can help you achieve your goals, from your laptop, tablet or phone! I currently coach clients in 8 different countries!
Why is online coaching superior than face to face PT?
The beauty of online coaching is that YOU can chose your gym. You aren't tied to the gym where your coach works, so you can choose a training environment that works for you!
Also, you don't have to trudge down to the gym when your PT has space for can choose when suits your busy schedule.

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